Evin Coyle’s Internship

Evin Coyle graduated from Gonzaga College in 2016, and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Economics and Sociology at UCD. He was awarded an Undergraduate Sports Scholarship for the undergraduate degree (having represented both Leinster and Ireland at underage in rugby). After completing the undergraduate degree, he is currently completing his Master’s in Behavioral Economics at UCD. He was also awarded a prestigious Graduate Sports Scholarship, for which only two members of the rugby team were given.

The internship for his Masters was undertaken in the UCD Centre for Sustainable Development Studies. His did excellent work was on collecting the data for our Irish Aid Annual Review that will be published in Irish Studies in International Affairs, Royal Irish Academy.

“This Summer I gained invaluable work experience after completing an internship with Prof Patrick Paul Walsh and Dr Ciara Whelan. Throughout my time with Prof Walsh and Dr Whelan I have seen a drastic increase in my communication skills, Excel and data analyzing skills, as well as my attention to detail. I have also increased my knowledge exponentially around Ireland’s foreign aid program , which I have no doubt will serve me well when searching for future job opportunities. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Prof Walsh and Dr Whelan for all their help throughout the internship” Evin Coyle