UCD Statement to the 7th UN Science, Technology and Innovation Forum for the Sustainable Development: Thematic Session 2: Innovation in education: towards quality access and common good

Recorded Meeting;


This session will look not only at promising technology and organizational solutions and trends, but also look at what has been achieved and what challenges remain in terms of increased access and quality of education worldwide. This session will emphasize equity issues, including gender equity, as well as economic disparities. It will examine advancements of digital learning and education technologies (ed-tech) to address learning during school closures due to COVID-19. It will also discuss best practices and innovative solutions to help tailor new tools with an equity lens to ensure that technologies serve to narrow rather than wide existing disparities. Lastly, the session will discuss the ways in which new technologies, collaborative and inclusive teaching models, and innovative pedagogical approaches can serve to transform education systems overall to better equip students for the future job market, as well as to prepare the next generation to address economic, social, and environmental issues towards a more sustainable future.


  • H.E. Mr. Kennedy Godfrey Gastorn(- Chair)Co-Chair of the 2022 STI Forum, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Tanzania to the United Nations
  • Mr. Tālis Juhna(- Moderator)Vice-Rector for Research and Professor; Chairman of Advisory Board of the Latvian Council of Science, Riga Technical University [UN Secretary-General’s 10-Member Group]
  • Ms. Nesha Haniff(- Panelists)University of Michigan, Director, The Pedagogy of Action
  • Ms. Verna Lalbeharie(- Panelists)EdTech Hub, Executive Director
  • Dr. Susan Liautaud(- Panelists)Global Partnership for Education, Vice Chair of the Board
  • Ms. Sajitha Bashir(Interactive discussion)the World Bank Group, Former Adviser in the Office of the Global Director of the Education Practice
  • Ms. Paola Bettelli(Interactive discussion)
  • Ms. Carmen Romero(Interactive discussion)Global Student Forum, Education and Academia Stakeholder Group
  • Mr. Patrick Paul Walsh(Interactive discussion)University College Dublin, Professor

Statement by Patrick Paul Walsh ; University College Dublin | Department of Economic and Social Affairs