The Times Magazine: How the Yemen War Went from Regional Conflict to Humanitarian Crisis by Dr Vincent Durac

What began in 2011 as a popular uprising has now become a catastrophe, with 10,000 dead and a famine looming

At the tip of the Arabian peninsula, Yemen’s disastrous war has been raging for nearly two years. Somewhat overshadowed by the devastating crisis in Syria, it is nonetheless a major calamity: according to the U.N., more than 10,000 people have lost their lives, while more than 20m (of a total population of some 27m) are in need of humanitarian assistance. More than 3m people are internally displaced, while hundreds of thousands have fled the country altogether. There are reports of looming famine as the conflict destroys food production in the country.

So how did Yemen get here – and what are the prospects for turning things around?

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