Dr Kakeneno Publishes in Central European Journal of Operations Research

Title: Usability of Nomology-based methodologies in supporting problem structuring across cultures: the case of participatory decision-making in Tanzania rural communities

Authors: Dr Joseph R. Kakeneno (Tanzania Ports Authority Dar es Salaam, Tanzania / PhD in Global Human Development, UCD)

Professor Cathal Brugha (Centre for Business Analytics, University College Dublin Quinn School of Business)


In this paper, we present the results of an empirical study that was conducted to demonstrate how the Structured MCDM methodology which is based on Nomology, the science of the laws of the mind, could be used to support problem structuring and improve rural community participation in a developing country in Africa. The results support the view that a model which is based on a generic structure is flexible and transferable to similar problem contexts and various situations across cultures and beyond national borders; and that it can easily support distributed participatory decision-making or be integrated into a Participatory Decision Support System.

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