Jeffrey Sachs receives UCD Ulysses Medal, speaks of “moral obligation” to help achieve SDGs

On 27 October, SDG Advocate Prof. Jeffrey Sachs was awarded the University College Dublin’s Ulysses Medal, the highest honour that the University can bestow. Prof. Sachs received the medal for his work on ending poverty, overcoming macroeconomic instability, promoting economic growth, fighting hunger and disease, and promoting sustainable environmental practices.

After receiving the UCD Ulysses Medal, Sachs addressed the 1,000-strong audience who turned out to hear him speak on the obligation to implement the SDGs.

“We are not spectators in an unfolding drama, we are the participants and the protagonists who are needed to help shape the kind of future that we want,” he said.

“There is nothing automatic about the success of these goals or automatic about their failure.”

“… I am a firm believer that these goals are realistic, that they are achievable, and that they are important, and that our job is to do whatever we can to make them be achieved,” he declared.

“This is something for human well-being, and because it’s within reach, it is our moral obligation to help it to be reached.”

Inaugurated in 2005, the UCD Ulysses Medal is awarded to individuals whose work has made an outstanding global contribution.

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