EPA Research Report 397: A Framework for Achieving the Environmental Sustainable Development Goals

The EPA has published our report on A Famework for Achieving the Environmental Sustainable Development Goals

Link to the Report:

EPA Research 397: https://www.epa.ie/publications/research/climate-change/research-397-framework-for-achieving-the-environmental-sustainable-development-goals.php


Enda Murphy, Patrick Paul Walsh and Aparajita Banerjee

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Why? Ireland is at a critical point in delivering on its United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) commitments. However, significant gaps exist in the literature on our understanding of Ireland’s current environmental status in relation to the SDGs. The objective of this project was to provide an evidence-based index that could facilitate greater understanding of the current and future role of partnerships for SDGs in Ireland’s transition and transformation to deliver on the goals.
 What does it tell us?This research provides, for the first time, an important evidence base for key stakeholders to gain more insight and understanding in assessing national progress on the environmental SDGs relative to EU peer nations. It provides a framework to understand Ireland’s strengths and weaknesses delivering on each SDG indicator and target. In relation to partnerships, the research identifies the lack of existing multi-stakeholder partnerships in Ireland and the need for policy to pursue state-led multi-stakeholder partnerships for future sustainable development. 
How might the research be used?This research allows us to learn from peer nations that have comparably high SDGs performance levels. In this regard, the research has developed the first target-based SDG index of its kind internationally; it is disaggregated on the basis of SDGs means of implementation, outcomes and linkages that can potentially inform bespoke policy interventions to address shortcomings. Internationally, the research supports Ireland’s future Voluntary National Review (VNR) at the UN and it mirrors the official UN SDG indicator framework. Moreover, it has important implications for Ireland’s future National Stakeholder Forum and wider stakeholder engagement for delivering on the SDGs.


On behalf of the EPA research team, I would like to thank the valuable input from members of the project steering committee.