9th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) Sept 20th to Sept 22th 2021: Free and online

9th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD).

The 2021 conference theme is Research for Impact: An Inclusive and Sustainable Planet. This year’s ICSD will be completely virtual.

ICSD by UN SDSN and  the  Global Association of Master’s in Development Practice programs and is free. (Same folks as the Global Classroom)
https://ic-sd.org/register/ (Links to an external site.)

Parallel Session 3D and 7B, 

Session Moderators
Patrick Paul Walsh, UCD
Enda Murphy, UCD
Aparajita Banerjee, UCD

Partnerships and the Sustainable Development Goals

The interconnected nature of the SDGs calls for a ‘whole-of-society’ and a ‘whole-of-government’ approach in implementation within a country (UN 2015). This means that effective partnerships between different state and non-state sectors or the whole of society, and within government departments or the whole government are essential for achieving the 169 targets under the SDGs. Such an approach warrants multiple intra-sectoral and inter-sectoral entities to work collaboratively or in partnership, co-sharing resources along with expertise and responsibilities to address complex and multifaceted social, economic, and environmental problems of mutual interest. The concept of partnership is of such critical importance in achieving the SDGs that the UN deems it as one of the “5Ps of sustainable development” along with people, planet, prosperity, and peace. The highly interdependent and interconnected nature of the 17 SDGs makes their implementation a complex process requiring an all-out approach involving all sectors of the society to share responsibilities and contribute their unique skills, expertise, and resources, providing a unique outline of partnership theory and its application to the SDGs. This session is particularly interested in papers that:

– Outline partnership theory and its application to the SDGs;

– Explores the relationship between partnerships and SDG Implementation;

– Investigates the role/links between governance, partnerships and SDG implementation;

– Outlines the nature of partnerships: alternative forms, their multi-level forms and barriers to take-up; and

– Outlines key SDG partnerships cases studies – local, national and international – that highlight partnership success stories for practitioners.