Education for Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development is an important part of the work of the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS). On all different levels and through different channels the centre supports and provides opportunities of education at UCD and beyond. UCD has an active and vibrant community that engages with the SDGs.

Within the University there are different curricular and extracurricular opportunities to actively learn about and engage with global development issues.

Programmes and Modules 

At undergraduate level UCD there are two different elective modules to learn about and explore the sustainable development goals. The modules are interdisciplinary and can be taken by all students across the university:

The centre runs the interdisciplinary Master of Public Administration in Development Practice. The two-year full-time programme offers professional training in Sustainable Development Practice at graduate level. The Master is part of an internationally recognised affiliation of programmes working with Columbia University and the MDP (Master of Development Practice) Global Association.

 The PhD in Global Human Development is a 3-4 year full time ‘sandwich’ programme jointly offered by UCD and a number of other universities in Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe and China. (University of Dar Es Salaam, University of Malawi, University of Zimbabwe and Xiamen University). Students can also apply to the PhD if they are accepted at any other University in a relevant country for their obligatory research stay. The programme has been developed for government personnel and public servants (such as Higher Education academics, research institutes) mainly in East Africa.

Extracurricular activities at UCD

The CSDS has a strong relationship with UCD Volunteers Overseas (UCDVO). UCDVO is an overseas development charity that was established in 2003. With its vision for UCD students to graduate with an understanding of the challenges facing humanity worldwide and the determination and self belief to tackle the issues underlying poverty and inequality in the world UCDVO directly enhances development education at UCD.

Volunteers can engage in environmental, educational, healthcare, construction and computer training projects in disadvantaged communities overseas. The organisation has since its inception extended its activities projects in India, Haiti, Nicaragua,Tanzania and Uganda. The Centre for Sustainable Development Studies supports the activities of UCDVO and has strong ties to the charity.

Student Societies are a good opportunity for students to discuss and engage with each other outside the classroom. With over 80 student societies at UCD, the community reflects the active and engaging atmosphere within the University.

The Politics and International Relations Society runs events and discussion on topics related to international affairs and politics including workshops on the SDGs and global development.