Welcome to UCD Centre for Sustainable Development Studies

The UCD Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) aims to promote and foster development education, produce quality research in partnership with southern universities and raise awareness of contemporary sustainable development issues through various outreach programmes. It is comprised of an inter disciplinary group of academics, researchers and students whose work focuses on contemporary sustainable development issues.

The CSDS is hosted by the UCD School of Politics and International Relations (SPIRe).  We cooperate with master’s and doctoral programmes on sustainable development issues offered by many schools across UCD.

One of the core activities of the CSDS is the PhD degree in Global Human Development. It is a 3-4 year full time programme jointly with one of a number of other universities in Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe and China. (University of Dar Es Salaam, University of Malawi, University of Zimbabwe and Xiamen University), or any other university in a ‘developing country’. We also offer general electives for undergraduate students in the field of Sustainable Development.